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ZoneCoach Show

With Jim Fannin

About The Show

Bringing you extreme positivity on a daily basis, The ZoneCoach® Show gives YOU the opportunity to learn from the very best in the world. Whether it’s business, sports, or just life in general, this groundbreaking production offers viewers the rare opportunity to learn about the secrets of peak performance. Become a better parent, sibling, athlete, employee/employer, & overall best version of yourself by tuning into The ZoneCoach® Show!


Jim Fannin

Jim Fannin is America’s ZoneCoach®, coaching more champions in sports, business and life than anyone on earth for over 50 years. And now, he is your Host for The ZoneCoach® Show! Join daily as Jim gives tips, tools, and techniques to become a true champion in life.


Ryan Lidge

For years he has been told he is “more than a baseball player”, and now Ryan Lidge brings The ZoneCoach® Show to you! Ryan played 7 years of professional baseball after graduating from The University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in film and television. Now, Ryan puts his television knowledge to use as he brings his unique vision of The ZoneCoach® Show to you!

Show Times

We air daily Monday through Friday around 12:30pm CST with the majority of our shows being LIVE! This gives the chance for viewers to interact directly with our host and guests.

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