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Virtual Keynote Speaking

Jim’s business virtual keynote speeches are game-changers and, more importantly, life-changers!

The Positive Impact of Virtual Keynote Speaker Jim Fannin

Virtual events took center stage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even as employees return to their offices, virtual keynote speakers continue to find a market for their remote services.

The right one can change the course of a company by explaining strategies and telling stories about their experience.

What are the basics of hiring a virtual keynote speaker? 

Top 3 Reasons to Book Jim

Virtual Keynote Speaker Jim has successfully presented 2000+ keynotes in front of 50 to 15,000 attendees. He customizes his message to fully engage your audience while meeting your corporate theme or mission.

  • Inspiring

    Motivate teams and leaders to inspire individual and collective action.

  • Actionable Tools

    Deliver proven, concrete tools for success.

  • Impactful

    Share a resonating message that gets stronger with time.


Book ZoneCoach® founder Jim Fannin for a 60-90-minute, “in person” presentation for your overall company or any team.


Get customized seminars and workshops for personal and professional insights on how to achieve and maitnain peak performance. 


Access targeted, 30-minute teleseminars on Selling, Preparedness, Instant Peace of Mind,  The Champion’s Blueprint, and so much more.

Video Conferences

Book internet-based conferences for private or public groups to get proven, peak performance tools and techniques.

Virtual Keynote Speaking Topics

  • Why Book a Virtual Keynote Speaker?

    Hiring a leadership keynote speaker is cost-effective. There are no travel, accommodation, or onsite logistics expenses to consider. Virtual keynote speakers also have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. Event organizers can find times that work for all parties without worrying about global time zones.

    Virtual keynote speakers facilitate the use of interactive technology, such as multimedia presentations, online polls, and Q&A sessions. These tools help to make for an engaging and streamlined keynote experience.

    However, the biggest incentive to hire a virtual keynote speaker is to motivate and inspire the company you work with. Speakers come from a vast array of backgrounds with their own success stories and personal experiences. That outside perspective can help your company discover traits and ideas they didn’t know they had, generating greater effort and producing positive results. 

    Additionally, a keynote speaker notes the unique challenges of your industry and tackles them head-on with a fresh perspective that prepares your team for success.

  • Virtual Keynote Speaking Topics

    Some of the most common topics that virtual keynote speakers address include the following:

    Leadership and Management

    Almost all keynote speakers address the topic of leadership in some way. They discuss how to lead in periods of transition, build successful teams, navigate crises, and achieve personal growth. These discussions often encourage non-managers to become better leaders.


    Virtual keynote speakers use advanced technology to do their jobs, so it’s only natural that some discuss innovations in their clients’ industries. They address the trends and developments transforming the landscape and help companies adapt to new tools.

    Sales and Marketing

    Sales keynote speakers focus on developing better strategies and best practices for sales and marketing. They discuss creative ways to generate leads, negotiate, and close deals. The effect these addresses have on market share and revenue can be significant.

    Team-Building and Productivity

    It takes a lot of communication and cooperation for a team to work. Sometimes, they’re so busy that they can’t recognize what’s holding them back from real success. A virtual keynote speaker provides an objective view of how your teams are working and offers strategies for improvement.

    Life Inspiration

    Modern companies have to consider work-life balance. Employees need to care about what they do for a living and feel happy and satisfied in their personal lives. Virtual keynote speakers link work with contentment and enjoyment, inspiring viewers to achieve harmony in all facets of their existence.

  • When to Hire a Virtual Keynote Speaker

    Strictly speaking, there’s no bad time to hire a virtual keynote speaker. The benefits they provide can arrive at any time. However, most companies seek them out for certain events or conditions, including:

    • Industry conferences and trade shows
    • Company meetings
    • Product or service launches
    • Management or staffing changes
    • Performance downturns
    • Crisis response
    • Team-building events
    • Milestone celebrations

    A virtual keynote speaker can help companies navigate through tough times, develop strategies for success, and celebrate their achievements.

  • When to Book a Virtual Keynote Speaker

    At what point in your event timeline is it best to book a virtual keynote speaker? The answer depends on a few factors.

    Major events like conferences or trade shows take a lot of planning. For these events, it’s best to line up virtual speakers at least six months in advance. That allows time for the speaker and event organizers to prepare and promote the event.

    Smaller events, especially those limited to company employees and managers, allow for a shorter time frame to line up virtual speakers. Advance notice of at least three months is a good rule of thumb for most event organizers to follow.

    Although some virtual keynote speakers can handle last-minute or impromptu requests, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Find out what your preferred speaker can accommodate.

  • How to Book a Virtual Keynote Speaker

    The first step in booking a virtual keynote speaker is establishing the purpose of having one. Whether it’s a major conference or a small team meeting, set out the goals you hope to attain by hiring a speaker.

    From there, you can research speaker candidates online to find out what they cover and the strategies they build. Keep your budget in mind, as the most successful speakers may charge more than your company can afford. Narrow your choices to as few as possible, but at least more than one.

    Finally, contact the candidates and ask for proposals. After you’ve chosen one, make certain the contract terms are acceptable, schedule the talk, and start working on logistics for the event. 

    Virtual Keynote Speaker Fees

    Many virtual speakers charge an honorarium fee corresponding to their experience and reputation. Others charge according to the time they work on and deliver their speeches.

    Virtual speakers charge fees to cover expenses like technology and pre-event research or preparation. A speaker might also charge for time spent customizing their message for your company.

    Good keynote forthcoming about the fees they charge and what they pay for. Be direct with your questions. 

  • What to Expect From Virtual Keynote Speaker Jim Fannin

    For 50 years, Jim Fannin has helped multiple companies lay the groundwork for success and personal fulfillment. His S.C.O.R.E.® System stands for “Self-Discipline, Concentration, Optimism, Relaxation, and Enjoyment.” In recent years, Jim has adapted his strategy to work with virtual events and video meetings.

    Jim gives companies insight into how employees can use their specific skills and traits to improve productivity and personal satisfaction. S.C.O.R.E.® is the universal language for individuals and corporations as a whole. Companies using Jim’s strategies find success by managing the individual markers of S.C.O.R.E.® to attract the peak performance Zone state.

    In his virtual appearances, Jim explains the S.C.O.R.E.® System via his personal history and success stories. He also adapts and customizes his system to fit each company’s unique situation. 


  • Mark Vachon

    GE Healthcare
    “As my executive coach, Jim Fannin taught lessons with his proprietary tools that will last a lifetime. He gets results.”
  • Rob Wilson

    CEO, Wilson Companies
    “Jim Fannin’s executive coaching helped me take my company to the next level. And the work-life balance he instills is invaluable.”
  • Chad Sellers

    Equity 55 Realty
    “Jim Fannin’s executive coaching has exceeded my expectations. I now have a go-to person that always has possible solutions for every facet of my business. And if I need him, he makes himself available.”

    Book Virtual Keynote Speaker Jim Fannin Now

    Whether you’re seeking guidance on sales, employee engagement, productivity, or innovation, keynote speakers are great tools to use. Jim Fannin has worked at his craft for 50 years and brings all his experience to your virtual event. To hire Jim, contact his team for a free 15-minute consultation.