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Keynote Speaking

Jim’s business keynote speeches are game-changers and, more importantly, life-changers!

How a Keynote Speaker Can Elevate Your Corporate Event

The keynote address is usually advertised as the most pivotal part of business conventions or events.

It can be a transformational experience that gives a company a vision and a plan for future success.

Professional keynote speakers can amplify your company’s initiatives and goals.

They can be lightning rods for needed change and new direction. Keynote speakers aren’t just for major events — they can be a meaningful bonus to smaller gatherings or online meetings.

What should you look for in a keynote speaker, and how do you find those who fit the bill?

Top 3 Reasons to Book Jim

Keynote Speaker Jim has successfully presented 2000+ keynotes in front of 50 to 15,000 attendees. He customizes his message to fully engage your audience while meeting your theme or mission.

  • Inspiring

    Motivate teams and leaders to inspire individual and collective action.

  • Actionable Tools

    Deliver proven, concrete tools for success.

  • Impactful

    Share a resonating message that gets stronger with time.


Book ZoneCoach® founder Jim Fannin for a 60-90-minute, “in person” presentation for your overall company or any team.


Get customized seminars and workshops for personal and professional insights on how to achieve and maitnain peak performance. 


Access targeted, 30-minute teleseminars on Selling, Preparedness, Instant Peace of Mind,  The Champion’s Blueprint, and so much more.

Video Conferences

Book internet-based conferences for private or public groups to get proven, peak performance tools and techniques.

Keynote Speaking Topics

  • Why Book a Keynote Speaker?

    Corporate events are gatherings all employees look forward to. They’re where companies announce and celebrate their results and cement goals for the future.

    However, business events are also opportunities for inspiration. An outside perspective on your company’s priorities can amplify your employees’ incentive and enthusiasm. Those, in turn, can produce tangible results in unexpected ways.

    A keynote speaker is a recognized thought leader who can set an inspirational tone for your event. They have extensive knowledge in their fields and track records of success. 

    Most importantly, their communication skills drive individuals to want success — not just in business, but in life. An effective conference speaker gifts your workforce the inspiration they need to succeed.

    The best speakers tailor their approach to fit the needs and interests of the audience. They offer adaptable strategies and provide tools for attaining them. Most crucially, they drive companies to find an emotional basis for their goals. Their mission is to uncover sources of motivation within each attendee — even for those who lack them. 

  • Keynote Speaking Topics

    The specific topics a keynote speaker addresses depend on several factors — their expertise, their field of interest, their methods, and your business’s needs. However, there are some common topics conference keynote speakers discuss.


    Most keynote speakers focus on some aspect of leadership. The most talented ones extend that sense of leadership beyond business needs and reinforce attendees’ drive to take charge of their personal, family, and social lives as well.

    Industry Innovation

    Especially in times of great change, a keynote speaker can discuss trends and future developments that impact your business the most. These can be anything from new technology to innovative business approaches. 

    A professional keynote speaker notes the trends in your industry and delivers a customized, high-impact message that empowers your team for success.

    Personal Development

    Keynote speakers focus on changing lives — or, at minimum, improving them. They can help listeners determine what areas they need to target for growth. Conference speakers can also provide methods, tools, and motivation for executing those changes.

    Success Stories

    One of the most unique things a keynote speaker can provide is an oral history of how they’ve helped others. They tell personal stories about how they’ve seen change happen through the methods they endorse and how positive that change has been.

    New Mindsets

    Sometimes, a business needs a change in approach. Whether leaders sense stagnancy or morale is holding them back, they need new inspiration for goal achievement. Keynote speakers can provide a fresh framework for thinking about business, and the results can be life-changing. 

  • When to Hire a Keynote Speaker

    Keynote speakers are most known for appearing at large-scale events and conferences. Indeed, some events are even built around the keynote address and aggressively promoted as such.

    But a keynote speaker can be of great benefit in less “major” events as well. They may provide the ignition for workshops and seminars. They can motivate product launches and new management initiatives. Sales keynote speakers can inspire companies that find themselves in slow times and need to generate leads. 

    A qualified keynote speaker has a track record of success in major and secondary business occasions.  

  • When to Book a Virtual Keynote Speaker

    New technology has empowered keynote speakers to spread their messages in different ways. Virtual keynote speeches can be part of a company meeting, especially those constrained by budget limitations. However, virtual keynote speakers can also inspire remote meetings, webinars, online workshops, and other digital meetings.

    An advantage of this setup is the opportunity for a more personal, directed approach by the speaker, especially for smaller gatherings. Furthermore, these sessions can be recorded and saved for future reference.

    Consider hiring a virtual keynote speaker when travel and accommodations are not financially possible. Also, consider hiring someone to give experienced input in a regularly scheduled digital meeting. The possibilities are virtually endless.

  • How to Book a Leadership & Sales Keynote Speaker

    Before booking a keynote speaker, determine what results you want to achieve. Are you looking to generate more leads? Are you trying to inspire your team? Or do you want to enrich your employees with real-life, personal success stories?

    Once you’ve set your goals, research to find candidates for conference keynote speakers. All qualified ones are easily reachable online. Find out more about their tactics and track records. When you reach out to them, ask how their methods and stories have helped others achieve success.

  • Keynote Speaker Fees

    Keynote speakers set their rates based on their experience and expenses. Most charge an honorarium, usually corresponding to their depth of expertise and travel needs. They may also have varied fee structures for large-scale events, virtual conferences, or duration of appearances.

    While every event organizer must watch their budget, there aren’t any shortcuts for experience. Leadership keynote speakers thrive on their reputation, and those who have helped multiple clients achieve success will likely charge more than less experienced speakers.

  • What to Expect From Keynote Speaker Jim Fannin

    Jim Fannin has 50 years of experience helping businesses implement strategies to increase sales, maximize profits and foster a positive corporate culture. His innovative S.C.O.R.E.® Success System — “Self-Discipline, Concentration, Optimism, Relaxation, and Enjoyment” — arose from independent research in 1974, ‘75 and from intimate interviews with champion business leaders, Hall of Fame athletes, and professionals at the top of their industries.

    Individuals, and companies collectively have a unique S.C.O.R.E.® Level. It is understanding and balancing each marker of S.C.O.R.E.® that allows an individual or company to attract the peak performance Zone state. Participants will learn customized tools and techniques to manage their thoughts and bolster individual markers.

    In his keynote addresses, Jim discusses real-life success stories of the S.C.O.R.E.® System. He offers success strategies personalized and customized to fit the needs of your event and audience.


  • Mark Vachon

    GE Healthcare
    “As my executive coach, Jim Fannin taught lessons with his proprietary tools that will last a lifetime. He gets results.”
  • Rob Wilson

    CEO, Wilson Companies
    “Jim Fannin’s executive coaching helped me take my company to the next level. And the work-life balance he instills is invaluable.”
  • Chad Sellers

    Equity 55 Realty
    “Jim Fannin’s executive coaching has exceeded my expectations. I now have a go-to person that always has possible solutions for every facet of my business. And if I need him, he makes himself available.”

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