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Business & Corporate Speaking

Jim’s business talks & corporate speeches are game-changers and, more importantly, life-changers!

Inspire & Elevate with Business & Corporate Speaker Jim Fannin

Running a successful business or corporation is never easy or automatic. Along with meeting business goals, effective managers are tasked with supplying employees with motivation to produce and aim for higher results.

That role is tied to understanding your employees’ lives and priorities, not just their skills and abilities. But it also involves their understanding of what’s important to them: happiness, contentment, and work-life balance.

It’s not always easy to communicate or execute on that understanding. When it’s time to do so, a professional business and corporate speaker can be of great assistance by providing business motivational speaking that inspires the workforce.

Top 3 Reasons to Book Jim

Corporate Speaker Jim has successfully presented 2000+ keynotes in front of 50 to 15,000 attendees. He customizes his message to fully engage your audience while meeting your corporate theme or mission.

  • Inspiring

    Motivate teams and leaders to inspire individual and collective action.

  • Actionable Tools

    Deliver proven, concrete tools for success.

  • Impactful

    Share a resonating message that gets stronger with time.


Book ZoneCoach® founder Jim Fannin for a 60-90-minute, “in person” presentation for your overall company or any team.


Get customized seminars and workshops for personal and professional insights on how to achieve and maitnain peak performance. 


Access targeted, 30-minute teleseminars on Selling, Preparedness, Instant Peace of Mind,  The Champion’s Blueprint, and so much more.

Video Conferences

Book internet-based conferences for private or public groups to get proven, peak performance tools and techniques.

Business & Corporate Speaking Topics

  • Why Book a Motivational Business Speaker?

    We live in a time of great economic uncertainty. Even if they feel secure in their jobs, that uncertainty always passes down to our employees. They have loved ones to care for and protect. General uncertainty always results in personal uncertainty to some degree.

    Business leaders know this and are rightfully concerned about those who work for them. But it’s not always easy for them to generate motivation. They’re concerned about keeping their business afloat. It’s difficult to transition from being a “boss” to being an inspiration.

    Most employees understand that. They recognize that humanity. Still, they may feel like they’re struggling to meet their potential. They may sense ambiguity about their mission.

    In these cases, an outside perspective can help. Employees can learn what inner resources they have that can drive them toward success and certainty. And their supervisors can learn how to motivate and support them more fully.

    Hiring a motivational business speaker is not a signal of weakness or admission of failure —  it’s quite the opposite. It’s a signal of wanting to be better at what you already do well and being proactive about finding meaningful solutions.

  • Corporate Speaking Topics

    What does a motivational business speaker cover in their work? These are a few of their objectives in corporate speaking engagements.


    Many of the difficulties we encounter in business arise from a lack of clarity about the results we desire. A motivational keynote business speaker outlines how to define those goals — ones that are achievable and practical but still deliver positive results.

    Personal Validation

    Every person is unique in their talents and ambitions. They possess original thoughts, reactions, and attitudes. A corporate speaker doesn’t try to change any of those. Instead, they highlight how important they are to overall success — first personally, then as team members.

    Communication Skills

    Many of the shortcomings we experience in business can be directly linked to a lack of communication. It’s usually unintentional but still a detriment. A corporate speaking coach is someone who understands communication — it’s the biggest part of the job. They can help install and maintain the channels of communication that will benefit your business.


    Complacency is the enemy of ambition. A motivational business speaker’s goal is to offer steps and milestones that work every day. They provide a proven pathway for employees to achieve their goals and reinforce positivity.

    Leadership Training

    Finally, a business motivational speaker offers inspiration for everyone to develop leadership skills. They empower people to take the initiative to change and manage all aspects of their lives. The best corporate speakers build leadership skills in a personal sense rather than a strict business sense.

  • When to Hire a Motivational Business Speaker for Corporate Speaking

    In all honesty, any time is appropriate to hire a motivational speaker. Businesses can always use a helping hand in generating inspiration. But it may be especially important in certain times or conditions in the business cycle, such as:

    • Periods of low morale or motivation
    • Times of significant change
    • Declining performance or missed goals
    • Strategic development
    • Business retreats or conferences
    • Preparation for product launches
    • Conflict resolution
    • Team-building events

    Corporate speaking opportunities can emerge at any time, but they can be most effective in these situations.

  • Corporate Speaking Fees

    Keynote motivational business speakers set their charges to cover various expenses. They include initial consultations, planning, research, customization, travel, accommodations, and resources, in addition to the speaker’s honorarium.

    Corporate speakers with extensive experience and high reputations may charge a little more for their appearances. But as with anything, you get what you pay for. A keynote address can inspire and produce results long after the last word is said.

    Although you must pay attention to your budget, it’s never advised to just “settle” on a business motivational speaker. One who balances a forthright vision and strategy with sensitivity and accessibility is always the best choice.

  • How to Book a Business Keynote Motivational Speaker

    Before booking a motivational speaker, define the goals you wish to achieve. What message do you want to deliver, and what outcomes are you pursuing?

    After clearing your goals and setting a budget, research potential candidates and learn what they have to offer. Reach out to the ones who fit your needs and request proposals.

    When you find the right speaker, review the contracts presented and start making logistical decisions. Once the event is planned, you may want to promote the speaker’s appearance and encourage attendance. 

  • What to Expect From Corporate Speaker Jim Fannin

    Jim Fannin’s experience as a motivational business speaker extends nearly 50 years. He’s received exhaustive corporate speaking training and has helped hundreds of clients find solutions for balancing robust business sense with personal gratification and happiness.

    The secret is the S.C.O.R.E.® Success System, comprising the five markers – “Self-Discipline, Concentration, Optimism, Relaxation and Enjoyment.” It’s the result of independent research conducted in 1974’-75’ at Ohio State University; as well as extensive interviews with leaders at the top of their industry, respective sport and profession. 

    When you hire Jim, your company will learn proven cognitive behavioral tools and techniques to attract the peak-performance mindset called the Zone. All corporations and individuals within a company have a S.C.O.R.E.® Level. This is a collective attitude or mindset and individuals will learn how to manage their own S.C.O.R.E.® Level while also positively influencing the S.C.O.R.E.® Level of those around them. By managing S.C.O.R.E.® Levels, individuals and organization as whole can find simplicity, balance and ultimately abundance. 


  • Mark Vachon

    GE Healthcare
    “As my executive coach, Jim Fannin taught lessons with his proprietary tools that will last a lifetime. He gets results.”
  • Rob Wilson

    CEO, Wilson Companies
    “Jim Fannin’s executive coaching helped me take my company to the next level. And the work-life balance he instills is invaluable.”
  • Chad Sellers

    Equity 55 Realty
    “Jim Fannin’s executive coaching has exceeded my expectations. I now have a go-to person that always has possible solutions for every facet of my business. And if I need him, he makes himself available.”

    Book Corporate Speaker Jim Fannin Now

    Corporate speaking coach Jim Fannin can help your business achieve results and motivate your employees to build better lives. Jim’s track record speaks for itself, but if you’d like to learn more, schedule a free 15-minute consultation today.