Let ZONECOACH® Jim Fannin help you prepare, adjust, and evaluate all your performances like a world champion. If you’re seeking to become a consistent Zone performer, Jim and his S.C.O.R.E.® Success System tools will get you there.


Learn techniques businesses use to increase sales and maximize profits. Change your corporate culture with leadership, sales and management strategies and tactics.

As an executive coach and consultant Jim has guided individuals, teams and companies from 50 industries; He has coached thousands of executives from 350 of the Fortune 500, plus 100’s of small businesses and entrepreneurs; He has also conducted hundreds of half-day, full-day and 3-day seminars and retreats for leadership, sales, and management teams.


Learn how world champion athletes attract the Zone with the #1 proven mental system. Think like a champion in golf, tennis, baseball, football, basketball and all other sports.

As a former professional athlete, Jim is an expert on preparing, adjusting and evaluating performances while attracting the Zone. He has coached athletes from 10 professional sports including the best coaches and players from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, PGA, LPGA, ATP, WTA, PBA, WBA, and the World Cup; Olympics; and every amateur sport including performers in boxing, swimming, poker, equestrian, skiing, running, body building, curling, shooting, bass fishing, bowling, etc.


Learn secrets to simplify and balance your life and maximize wellness, relationships, parenting, family, personal finance, and much more.

Personalized Coaching By Jim Fannin

Depending on the coaching package, Jim Fannin will:

  • Customize the S.C.O.R.E.® Success System for your LIFE.
  • Conduct one-hour coaching; 90-day Challenge; or unlimited 24/7/365 access by email, text, Skype, and phone.
  • Customize your LIFE blueprint.
  • Design LIFE specific strategies and tactics for your parenting, wellness, career, relationships and much more.
  • Meet you in person.
  • Provide access to all his programs, webinars and teleseminars.
  • Personally hold you accountable.


  • Audra B

    Calgary, Canada
    You saved my life! I lost a total of 60 pounds all without the help of a gym or diet center. My confidence has grown and I’ve totally re-invented myself. Again Jim, a heartfelt thank you! The pleasure has been all mine!
  • John Buck

    Former MLB All-Star, Father, Husband, Business Owner
    I have applied Jim Fannin’s powerful S.C.O.R.E.® Success System and his 90-Second Rule™ tools as a professional baseball player, husband, father, small business owner and friend. I’ve even applied his concrete tools to my physical wellness.
  • Bucky Dent

    Former NY Yankee, Proud Parent
    Jim Fannin has personally coached my son and daughter. They used his tools and have made the most of their talent. Jim is the best mental coach!
  • Jose Cruz Jr

    Former MLB Player; Father, Husband
    I was first introduced to Jim Fannin’s S.C.O.R.E.® System and 90-Second Rule™ tools during my major league baseball career and it helped me become very successful. I quickly found that it’s not only used for baseball, but for life. I introduced the concept to my children, which they understood, embraced, and told their friends. This is funny because you always think they don’t listen to you. My family has embraced it in every aspect of life. These are tools I carry in my pocket for whenever I need them.
  • Gus Sylvan

    State Farm, Columbia, SC
    For over 10 years, I’ve used Jim Fannin’s concrete tools both professionally and personally. They have worked with my son, daughter, golf game and business with great success. All are thriving. I am truly grateful.
  • Jeff Ledsinger

    Houston, TX
    In only 90-days I’ve re-invented my career, lost 40 pounds and five inches off my waistline thanks to Jim Fannin and his 90-Second Rule™ tools. It was a WOW!
  • Mary Laney

    Emmy Award Winning TV Anchorwoman & Print Journalist
    As a television and print journalist, businesswoman, and mother of two, I find Jim Fannin’s tools simple and adaptable for use in all facets of life. It works! And it’s the best gift you can share with others.
  • Courtney Abbiati

    Screen & Stage Actress; Business Owner
    I had mentally quit on myself. However, within 30-days Jim Fannin’s blueprint for successful living took hold as I booked my first ever, acting job. Now years later I’m the star in a one-person off-Broadway play. There is no ceiling or limit to my success and Jim not only helped me to see that, but set me into motion.

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