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The Link Method tm -The Secret Success Key

The Link Method tm -The Secret Success Key

By Jim Fannin

How do you set personal records? How do you stay the course when there are so many distractions? How do you juggle all that life throws your way? How can you shorten the road to success?

There is a secret tool peak performers have used to be successful. It keeps you on course to a positive end result. It’s called the Link Methodä.

Most of us visualize before we want something to happen. However, there is another way to use visualization that has served my clients for over 40 years. This simple, 90-Second Rule technique has saved hours of waste and helped link performances together into a chain of success.

During my tennis teaching days I would spend 60-70 long hours per week on the court giving lessons to client after client. My mission was simple: Help all I taught reach his or her full potential. One lesson would leave and another was waiting to begin. Because I had so many clients, it was easy to forget what I worked on the previous week with each person. In order to create continuity in the lessons and produce the best tennis player possible, I discovered this simple technique.

After every tennis lesson, I invested 90-seconds (sometimes less) to visualize (in movie format) next week’s lesson for the departing client. In addition, I visualized him or her as the best tennis player they could be. 90-seconds. Done. And then I would clear my head (Re-Boot) and begin my next lesson. One week later my subconscious mind would pull from my memory exactly where I left off. Without missing a beat this lesson flow eventually unlocked their potential.

How can this 90-Second Ruletool be applied to your life?

  • After every phone call, visualize the next phone call or interaction with the same person. See it positive.
  • After every meeting, visualize the actions desired in finished state. See the next meeting with the results in hand.
  • With your clients or customers, see their next move as successful with it leading to their desired outcome. 90-seconds is all it takes.
  • With your children, see them successful within 90-seconds of reprimanding or punishing them.
  • Within 90-seconds of an argument, see peace and harmony in your mind.

Add 90-seconds to the end of every performance. It is this small amount of time that connects the dots to setting records and manifesting life visions.

After swiftly evaluating or analyzing your last performance, close the door on it. Now wield the 90-Second Rule“Link Method” as follows:

  • Be in the moment.
  • Relax your jaw, eyes and entire face.
  • Reduce your breathing to 6-8 breaths per minute. This requires longer inhales and exhales. After some practice, this only takes a few seconds.
  • Start your mental movie. Approximately 83% of all people visualize, as if they’re looking through their eyes in real life. Approximately 15% of visualizers see in their mind’s eye, as if they are looking down upon a movie set, typically from the right side. Approximately 2% see no images in their mind’s eye. The first two ways work the same. The last way also works although you physically don’t see anything (thinking it will still program your subconscious). Which way do you visualize?
  • The key to impactful visualization is to incorporate ALL of your senses with the imaginary mental movie. In addition to visual, this includes adding sound, taste, touch and smell to your mini-movie.
  • When you are in public, it is essential that you are not aware of what others may be doing or thinking. Be locked in the moment. Full engagement. This may take practice. Many can visualize with their eyes wide open. However, most require the eyes to be shut for them to be effective. Orel Hershiser, one of the great MLB pitchers, has used the “Link” tool after an opposing hitter belted a home run against him. He shut his eyes on the mound during the game and pictured striking him out as the opposing player was literally rounding the bases for home plate. The next time Orel faced him, he struck him out!

Why does this 90-Second Rule technique work?

It works because your subconscious mind does NOT know the difference between fantasy and reality. Proof of this occurs when you awake from a nightmare. Startled and shaken, you awake with dilated eyes, increased heart rate, shortness of breath and perspiration dripping from your brow. The mental movie playing in your mind while in a deep sleep seemed so real that your body reacted to it as if it were so. This is the only reason visualization works.

Your subconscious mind does NOT know the difference between fantasy and reality.

Connect your performances together with the Link Method that has been used successfully in the NFL, MLB, MLS, NBA, ATP Tour, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, every amateur sport, as well as Fortune 500 boardrooms and grade school, junior high, high school, and college classrooms globally.

Each performance is a stepping-stone to success. Envision your successful, next step before you take it.

Be in the Zone!

P.S. For questions, suggestions or anything else, contact Jim at

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Jim Fannin is America’s ZoneCoach®. He is a best-selling author, platform speaker, and peak performance, life, sports and executive coach. His client list reads like a who’s who list featuring celebrity actors, directors and entertainers, as well as 28 MLB All-Stars, 7 world’s top 10 tennis players, scores of PGA stars, NBA All-Stars, NFL All-Pros and Olympic Gold Medalists. In addition, Jim has coached executives from 350 of the Fortune 500. Check out his latest book, The Blueprint: A Proven Plan for Successful Living. Find Jim at

How To Tap Into Your Sixth Sense

How To Tap Into Your Sixth Sense

By: Jim Fannin

Recently I discussed the sixth sense in a blog post and the response was amazing. There were scores of readers that loved sharing their diverse experiences. Most wanted to know how to regularly hone this uncanny sense that most of us dismiss. Over and over I was asked, “How do I regularly attract the sixth sense in all aspects of my life?”

In 1998 I coached six Major League Baseball pitchers. They collectively reported to me 86 instances when they failed to listen to their intuitive sixth sense. This failure to act on their gut feeling or intuitive vibe cost them 92% of the time. In those instances, their failure to choose the correct pitch and pitch location by ignoring the correct tactics delivered by their intuition resulted in base hits and walks causing them to be removed from the game 1/3 of the time. After this short research was presented, all six pitchers increased their usage of a simple S.C.O.R.E.® Success System tool for attracting the Zone. Specifically they used this tool to defer to their sixth sense while ignoring logic and reason based on their experience and knowledge. This resulted in all having winning records and record-breaking statistics.

How do you tap into your sixth sense?

The answer lies in the power of the Zone. This is the mental state in which a person performing an activity (sports or non-sports) is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus with full involvement of the six senses while passionately executing the process. This type of complete absorption in what you do, where there are little or no future or past tense thoughts, is the Zone. It’s achievable by everyone.

The Zone is a “purposeful calm” feeling providing the belief that nothing can go wrong. This single purposed immersion represents the ultimate experience in harnessing all of your emotions while performing and or learning any task.

Colloquial terms for the Zone include: to be… in the moment, present, on a roll, treeing, wired in, on the beam, in blinders, honed, in the groove, in the trench, on fire, dialed in, piped, in rhythm, in the crosshairs, on target, in the flow, lasered in, locked in, raking, satori, in tune, cruisin’, in sync, synced up, enlightened, centered, or singularly focused.

While in the Zone all of your emotions are positive, energized and in total alignment with the task at hand. You are fully disciplined as to not allow any thought to enter and disturb this mindset. Your every move mentally and physically is purposeful and direct. Your confidence soars and is coupled with a spontaneous passion for being in the moment. Relaxation enters all of your muscles allowing them to follow the blueprint in your mind. This, in turn, assists the synchronization of all your muscle groups producing tangible results at the highest level.

When in the Zone, your mind is tight and your body is loose.

Your overall thoughts while in the Zone are compressed to 30-40% less quantity than normal. Less is definitely more. The mind-body balancing act of opposites challenges even the most seasoned professional athletes.

Lastly, with the conscious mind and body in total synchronization, the subconscious mind takes over the controls and delivers the sixth sense for your usage. Intuition is real-time information that your conscious mind does not possess. This sixth sense can gather pertinent data within your environment, including other subconscious minds, and bundle and deliver the information for your immediate action as in, “Get out of this car!” or “the next pitch is a slider on the outside corner.”

Less thought produces more intuition and thus, more productivity.

There are five intangible markers that, once balanced at a high state, will produce the Zone phenomenon and ultimately tap into the sixth sense. They are Self-discipline, Concentration, Optimism, Relaxation, and Enjoyment. To be in the Zone you are only as strong as the weakest link of S.C.O.R.E.®

Here is a simple “awareness focusing” technique that my clients use every day to balance these components and ultimately, attract the Zone. It’s simply called the S.C.O.R.E.® Check. In fact, I’ve used this 90-Second Rule™ tool to prepare for all my meetings, radio interviews and major speaking performances. I just used it before I walked into WGN-Radio studios for an hour show and several more live radio interviews today where my intuition needed to guide my performance.

Here’s my S.C.O.R.E.® Check just before my radio interview…

Self-discipline: Have I visualized how I want the show to unfold? Do I have well-defined goals? What do I want the listeners to think when the interview is over?

Concentration: Am I here now? Do I have 3-5 points to make?

Optimism: Do I expect a great interview? Do I believe in me?

Relaxation: Am I comfortable being here? Am I relaxed?

Enjoyment: Ready to have some fun? Am I enthused to be here?

If any answer is no, I would stop immediately and deal with it. Just the awareness of a low component of S.C.O.R.E.® solves it 90% of the time. This simple S.C.O.R.E.® Check took me less than 90-seconds.

How do you tap into your sixth sense?

Use the S.C.O.R.E.® Success System with the S.C.O.R.E.® Check tool to attract the Zone and let your intuition guide your performance. Check out my WGN-Radio performance. Was I in the Zone? What’s your intuition say?