Our Mission

Your Success is The Only Mission!

1 Million Zoniacs® in 2023

Jim Fannin

Founder & CEO of ZoneCoach®

“Your Success is the Only Mission!”

A Lifetime of Commitment

Jim Fannin, with his powerful S.C.O.R.E.® Success System, has been coaching individuals and groups to be their genuine, authentic best selves for over 50 years. Mr. Fannin’s mission was abruptly shifted to a higher purpose. Foster a positive change in the world’s collective mindset through individuals and groups with both utilizing the tools and techniques of the proprietary S.C.O.R.E ® System. “Your success is the only mission” has been Jim’s personal moniker since 1971.

A Promise Mission

Mr. Fannin had booked a 10-city speaking tour in Europe and was telling his mother about it. She said, “Don’t be alarmed, but I’m having a stent placed in my heart while you’re gone. Please know I’ll be fine.” Much to his mother’s disapproval, Jim postponed the tour and flew to Kentucky to be by her bedside. After a successful surgery, Jim waited patiently for his mom’s recovery. Hours passed. Sensing something was wrong, he demanded to see her. After two hours, Jim learned his mom was dropped off her operating room table, and her kidney was sliced, leading to kidney failure. Finally, as she was brought to her hospital room, she struggled to communicate. As Jim held her in his arms, she said in a slow whisper, “Take S.C.O.R.E.® to the masses. Promise me.” And with a heavy heart, he proclaimed, “I will, Mom. I promise. I will.” With that said, she died.

The mission now became very clear within weeks of the passing of Jim’s Mom.

“Take S.C.O.R.E.® to the masses.”

“I’ve won tournaments with Jim Fannin as my guide. More importantly, he’s helped me in every facet of my life.”

Joe Durant, Champions Tour Player

“Jim’s wisdom, knowledge and experience are unparalleled. I’m a better player and person.”

Roger Tambellini , Professional Golfer

“Jim has helped me as a player, coach and teacher. His S.C.O.R.E.® System continues to pay dividends.”

Maggie Will , 3 - time LPGA winner

“Thank you, Jim for making a profound difference in my life with just one gold nugget.”

Tobby Fried

“If you haven’t had a seminar with Jim Fannin, your employees are missing out.”

Jerry Richards, Regional Manager, Waddell & Reed

“Jim is not just another ‘great motivational speaker’. He shares his knowledge openly. He has no hidden agendas—he wants to make a difference one person at a time. I was impressed.”

Camille Kearns Rudy, Prudential Preferred Properties

“There is no ceiling or limit to my success and Jim Fannin not only helped me to see that but set me into motion.”

Courtney Abbiati , Hollywood Actress

“The Zone is the only place to be. Jim Fannin will get you there.”

Joey Cora , Former MLB All - Star

“As a creative person, working with Jim Fannin is invaluable. He empowers you with concrete tools to reach your dreams. Jim is awesome!”

Annette Murphy , Hollywood Screenwriter

“As a television/print journalist, business woman and mother of two, I find Jim Fannin’s tools simple and adaptable for all facets of life. It works! It’s the best gift you can share with others.”

Mary Laney , Emmy Award Winning TV Anchorwoman & Print Journalist

Beyond Results

Life Changing

A Mother’s Request – A Son’s Promise!

Jim, keeps his heartfelt promise to his mom to, “Take S.C.O.R.E.® to the masses!”

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Let’s GO!

“You saved my life!  I lost a total of 60 pounds all without the help of a gym or diet center. My confidence has grown and I’ve totally re-invented myself.   Again Jim, a heartfelt thank you! The pleasure has been all mine!” Audra B. (Calgary, Canada)

“Reaching the Hall of Fame…I mean I owe it to Jim Fannin.  To be honest, he taught me to live in the Zone. I’m not just talkin’ the talk, but walkin’ the walk. Once I started using Jim’s S.C.O.R.E.® System and his 90 -Second Rule it changed my entire life and my career. The 90-Second Rule, please check it out. It will change your life forever.”  Frank Thomas (MLB All-Star; MVP; Hall of Fame)