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Anatomy Of A Loser – 50 Reasons You’re NOT a Winner

by Jim Fannin

A loser…

  1. Complains about conditions, circumstances and situations
  2. Whines to anyone that will listen
  3. Puts other people down in order to build himself or herself up
  4. Seldom (if ever) accepts responsibility for their actions
  5. Pivots away from criticism and usually strikes back
  6. Prepares poorly because of over-confidence
  7. Evaluates his or her poor performance with emotion and blame
  8. Acts like a victim when things don’t go their way
  9. Embellishes the truth even for no apparent reason
  10. Often outright lies for personal gain
  11. Acts selfish
  12. Has an inflated view of themselves
  13. Has their ego run their mouth
  14. Very seldom has compassion for the less fortunate
  15. Always expects to get his or her way.
  16. Pre-frames performances with psychological safety nets as in “I won’t have a chance with the officiating in that ballpark.”
  17. Readily showcases anger or outrage when they are criticized
  18. Tries to get other people to defend their ways
  19. Surrounds themselves with “yes” people that always agree with them
  20. Doesn’t learn from past mistakes
  21. Takes unfair advantage of other people
  22. Has language that is boisterous and self-serving
  23. Carries a “holier than though” attitude
  24. Looks down on lesser people in stature, economic status, or social standing
  25. Forces their physical presence on others
  26. Loves to hear the good about themselves
  27. Judges strangers immediately upon meeting
  28. Counts his or her money obsessively
  29. Takes advantage of the opposite sex
  30. Categorically labels groups of people other than himself or herself
  31. Uses shock value to get attention
  32. Has marital or relationship challenges
  33. Overtly demanding of subordinates without seeing or feeling how they feel
  34. Can hold a grudge
  35. Flip flops on previous opinions to fit the situation, condition or circumstance
  36. Uses foul and or vulgar language to “shock and awe” and showcase power
  37. Wields sarcasm to protect fragile ego
  38. Seldom asks great questions because they already know the answers
  39. Has a short attention
  40. Expects to be waited upon
  41. Tries too hard in pressure situations
  42. Seldom makes non-emotional adjustments during a performance
  43. Gets off the subject in a conversation to confuse others and deflect further attention away from the subject at hand
  44. Procrastinates because they know they will pull it off
  45. Intimidates and frightens “significant others” with comments such as “No one leaves a relationship with me…”
  46. Reacts violently if “significant other” tries to end the personal relationship and gives the impression all friends and family are in serious danger
  47. Constantly showcases his or her accolades, accomplishments and honors
  48. Takes action at the wrong time
  49. Offers excuses when things don’t go his or her way
  50. Oversteps their authority in most situations

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