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Be Decisive!

Be Decisive!

By Jim Fannin

Decisiveness is missing in America. We fluctuate. We vacillate. We waver. We hem and haw (Eastern Kentucky slang). We flip-flop. We procrastinate. We drag it out. We put it off. We avoid the decision. We pass the buck. We conveniently delay because of indecision.

It’s time to be bold in your life. It’s time to become decisive!

General Life:

  • No is the new yes. No is final. It is decisive. Say “No” to avoid putting off the answer. “Do you want to see Cars 3?” Doesn’t that feel better? Use NO judicially as a tool to be decisive.
  • Upgrade your greeting. “How are you”? is asked dozens of times each day of your “I’m awesome!” or another strong greeting is the definitive response of a confident person. It is decisive in stating, “This is who I am!”
  • Create a life blueprint. This written document outlines the direction of your life. Be decisive with this crucial plan. Select a lofty, doable vision with corresponding goals for each facet of your life. See it manifesting into its physical equivalent. Be decisive in your mind and your next action step. Be bold. Be daring.


“I am going to get in shape. I am finding a trainer and will get started,” you blurt out to yourself and anyone that will listen. How many of us conveniently don’t do it. Be decisive in getting started. Set the timeline. Be decisive in attending every training session, eating your agreed upon meal plan, and mentally acting as if you already have the body desired. “Do you want a donut? One’s not going to hurt you,” a co-worker states. DO NOT EAT THAT DONUT.


Say what you mean and mean what you say. Remember that your child is still in life training. How you deal with him or her will set a precedent for future discussions and your decisiveness or lack thereof could and probably will be passed on to your future grandchildren. “You’re grounded! No cell phone for two weeks. Three days later (after your child has acted like Mother Theresa) you cave and give in. “Okay…you’ve been so good, we’re going to give your phone back.” AVOID DOING THIS. Teach risk and reward. Stick to what you said or don’t say it. Be decisive!


You ask, “Do I look good in this tie?” You already know the answer. You just need validation. Be decisive in all facets of your relationship. Be strong-minded in deciding where to vacation, eat dinner, what to wear, or how to budget your finances. Add your confidence to the partnership and the union will become stronger.


When negotiating with home improvement 3rd parties, make it very clear about what you want. Memorialize all conversations. Get estimates and firm quotes in writing. Assume nothing. Always stand your ground. NEVER pay full upfront (unless it’s your 30-year old son doing the work and he desperately needs the cash). Pay a deposit. Pay the balance ONLY after a full inspection and you are 100% satisfied. Take charge. It’s your home. Be decisive!

Other family members:

This part of your life includes your interaction with siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, parents, and grandparents. Although compromise is recommended with family members, be decisive with your feelings and actions. Tell it like it is with a positive win-win demeanor. Be firm on having only positive interactions. Do not allow negativity to enter your home. See what’s best for these important relationships and be decisive in making it so.

Personal Finance:

What do you do with your money? Do you spend or save? How much and where do you invest? Who can help you? Do you have a long-term plan?

These questions need very specific answers to secure your future and improve or maintain your quality of life. This part of your life requires definite decisions. Weigh your options and research potential experts for your insurance, savings, estate planning, banking, and investment needs. DO NOT put this off! Be decisive and you’ll sleep better at night.


“This looks like a six iron,” you say out loud. Your caddie agrees. However, a little voice in the back of your mind whispers, “seven iron.” What do you do? Know that intuition is real time information that your conscious mind does not possess. HIT YOUR 7-IRON! Period.

When you practice on the range, be decisive on exactly (hula-hoop sized targets) where you want the ball to go. Be decisive. See the line or shape of the shot as it heads to a specific landing spot, And with no more thought, let it fly.


Successful businesses and careers are built on positive decision-making. Be decisive in your short and long-term goals. Be decisive with your brand personality. Be decisive with your strategies and tactics. Be upfront and direct with your team. Do not compromise your principles and values. Your customers and or clients will positively react to decisive messaging and interactions.


Great leaders are decisive. Bolstering confidence within your career, family, or community requires a leader to act the part. Walking into a meeting with a Zone mindset sets the tone for the meeting. Become the positive leader your business, career or family deserves and needs.

Final thoughts:

Most decisions in life can be made within 90-seconds of understanding the challenge. However, some decisions such as getting engaged or married, buying a new home, filing for divorce, moving to a new city, or changing careers, etc. may require gathering more information. Sleep on these life-altering decisions. Take your time. However, when you come to a conclusion, be decisive on the action required and do NOT look back and second-guess yourself.

Good fortune favors the bold!

This statement becomes a mindset for most champions in life, business and sports. If your life requires re-invention or re-direction, be decisive in your overall personal makeover.

Decisiveness is an important ingredient to becoming your authentic, genuine best self.

Decisively attract the Zone in all you do!

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