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Life is Short. Plan. Take A Risk.

Life is Short. Plan. Take A Risk.

By Jim Fannin

Webster’s Dictionary says risk “is to expose oneself to the possibility of loss or failure.” Our dreams and goals, if they are worth having, will carry risks. True success will be measured by what you had to sacrifice or give up in order to attain your dreams or goals. Take a chance. Your dreams that have a plan are worth the risk. Aren’t you tired of just dreaming? Go for it.

The value will be perceived by the risks you overcome.

What part does risk play in your present goal achievement? What have you been putting off? Why? What have you half-heartedly chased, even though you have professed the desire to sprint to the destination? Are you just going through the motions? What are the risks? Do they loom too large?

Over four years ago I met a professional baseball player with enormous talent. He had big dreams. However, he was mediocre in his play. Some games he was great and some games he was awful. We discussed working together. He knew I could help him with his plan for his dream. My challenge was his mental, physical and technical lack of commitment. “Let’s go for it”, he said. I declined.

Our paths finally crossed again and I began coaching him. We agreed on a plan. In discussing risk I told him his peers might think he is selfish. “I’ll take that risk”, he said. You may have to sacrifice time from your family and friends. “I’ll take that risk”, he said. What if you give 100% and don’t reach your goals. “I’ll take that risk”, he said. What if you succeed and the pressures to sustain your status are too difficult? “I’ll take that risk”, he said.

His statistics are now off the charts.

Several years ago I was interviewed on a local Chicago radio station. The next day a man called my office and said he thoroughly enjoyed my talk and could we meet. I was reluctant. With his persistence we finally met face to face at a Starbuck’s. He had much experience in the personal growth industry and felt as he put it, “I had the goods.” “Why don’t you take it to the masses?” he asked. “I’ll help and I want nothing in return.”

Many of us go through life with no roadmap and the brakes on. We place safety nets under every move. If we fail we can always say, “If I had tried harder, I would’ve made it.”

We are like shoppers looking into a store window. We think we couldn’t afford it. But if we bought it, what would our friends think? We probably wouldn’t look good in it, anyway. It’s way too expensive. So we never enter the store. It’s for some one else…not me. But how many times do we keep looking in the window? Sometimes we just need someone to invite us in. Well…you’re invited.

Get a plan. Take a risk and get in the game.

Life is precious and short. Write your novel. Buy your dream house. Take your company to the next level. Run the marathon. Fix your teeth. Lose weight. Bury the hatchet with an old friend or relative. Ask your boss for a raise. Change careers. Take a world cruise. Head for Broadway. Leave a bad relationship. Keep a journal. Get some courage and ask her out. Say no to whatever you’ve reluctantly said yes. Say yes to whatever you’ve reluctantly said no.

The listener of my radio interview became my friend. He introduced me to many people in the personal growth industry. He introduced me to many great people in alternative medicine. He had me as a guest on his own radio show. He was my presenter at one of my public appearances. We became friends after he took a risk to call a radio station and seek me out. I’m glad. I’m better off by meeting him.

This article is dedicated to my friend, Ted Fijalkowski, who died tragically in an auto accident. He told me to “take it to the masses.” I am Ted… No brakes.

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