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Champions Eliminate These 20 Bad Habits

Champions Eliminate These 20 Bad Habits

Which of the above bad habits are getting in your way of success? Do the following to eliminate one or more on your personal list:

· To get one step closer to being your genuine, authentic best self, commit to making a positive change.

· Acknowledge that you possess a negative habit.

· Fix one negative habit at a time. Tackle the one that negatively impacts you the most in life, business or sports.

· Become aware in real time as the habit is revealed. Acknowledge it immediately once it is “tripped” before you embark on a negative action or reaction.

· Replace the negative habit with what you want. Envision this in finished state. Eliminate what you don’t want. Yes, I know you said you don’t want to be late. So now you must see being on time.

· Mentally state an affirmation directed to the negative habit as in “I’m on time” or “I eat slowly” or “I close.”

If you have any of the above negative habits, it has taken years to master them. How long will it take to bury and eventually replace them with positive healthy habits? I’ve seen it accomplished in 10 days. However, this timeframe will require mass quantities of repetition. Specifically, you must see the reverse of this behavior every night before you go to sleep (within 30-minutes) and when you awake in the morning (1st 10 minutes). For most of us, this amount of time is too much to invest. However, I encourage you to give this your best shot. You can do it! It is these landmines of negative habits that seem to always get in our way from accomplishing our goals and making our dreams come true.

Think like a champion.

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