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Client Feedback

“Jim guided me my entire career with his S.C.O.R.E.® Success System.  He gave me an edge in reaching the Hall of Fame. He is the most consistent optimist ever.”

“The seminar I spent with Jim Fannin changed my life! I recommend Jim to women who are looking to achieve and accelerate their careers!”

“Jim Fannin’s executive coaching helped me take my company to the next level. And the work-life balance he instills is invaluable.”

“Jim Fannin is the most optimistic executive coach ever.  His coaching system works.”

“Jim Fannin helped reverse my poor start to the 2013 season and post MLB’s 5th best ERA of 2.51 with a 14-6 won-lost record over my last 30 starts. His S.C.O.R.E.® System works, especially when under pressure.”

“As a creative person, working personally with Jim Fannin is invaluable. He empowers you with concrete tools to reach your dreams. Jim is awesome!”

“Jim’s S.C.O.R.E.® System has not only helped me, my company, and my family, but it has helped me achieve balance among these arenas as well. In addition, my bank went from $150M to $1.5B in assets with record returns thanks to Jim.”

“There is not a better business, sports or life coach than Jim Fannin.”

“Jim coached me as a player. He’s the real deal.”

“If you haven’t had a seminar with Jim Fannin, your employees are missing out.”

“Jim Fannin’s seminar motivated my leadership team and provided concrete tools that will meet the test of time.  As my executive coach, Jim Fannin taught lessons with his proprietary tools that will last a lifetime.  He gets results.”

“As a television and print journalist, businesswoman, and mother of two, I find Jim Fannin’s tools simple and adaptable for use in all facets of life. It works! And it’s the best gift you can share with others.”

“Jim Fannin is one of the best platform speakers in the world.  We’ve booked him for multiple talks and will book him again.  He’s amazing!”

“Jim Fannin’s presentation was the most inspirational event I have ever attended. I’ve never heard anything so relevant and inspiring. He provided a lot of food for thought.”

“In my 22 years in this business, I have seen many incredible speakers, including John Wooden! All have been inspiring and all have been privileged experiences to me. None have made such a profound change in me personally as Jim Fannin.”

“In a one hour keynote Jim Fannin transfixed the audience and educated us on how to empower our lives.  I have not been the same.  My life jumped to a higher level in one brief encounter.”

“After a two-day Jim Fannin retreat, our team bonded like never before.  The results were immediately measureable.  This experience was amazing.”

“Jim Fannin swiftly immersed himself into our business. Not only did he connect with every team member during our corporate retreat, but he was an integral part in setting our vision, goals, strategies and tactics for the upcoming year.  His lessons resonated with our leadership team and it helped us double our business.”

“In one seminar Jim Fannin changed my life and most of the lives in my management team.”

“Jim Fannin has coached seven players into the world’s top 10.  I know!  I was one of them.  In addition, he helped me win four, Wimbledon Doubles titles.”